Design Your Own Custom Scrimshaw

Design your own custom scrimshaw is where your search begins.  Your own uniquely designed tailor-made scrimshaw piece is just a click away. I will supply the blank and you supply the idea – we will work together to make it happen. I will help you by making suggestions, but my ideas are just that – mine. This is where you can explore YOUR ideas. If you know exactly what you want, great! Provide me with photos. If you only have an idea without the specifics, I’ll do the research and designing.

My ability to listen carefully to each client’s wants and desires for their scrimshaw piece has led to my creating and delivering 100’s of pieces for satisfied customers (individuals and corporations). Check out my Gallery page for examples and ideas.

All the items on this page are priced as is, and they are for sale as you see them, without any artwork applied. The custom artwork is additional. Pricing will depend on many factors. Size and material, area covered, difficulty of the design, and time to research your idea. So, the more explicit you can be, the better. If you want to see preliminary sketches they must be requested and there is an additional charge.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, then let me design it for you. Whether it is a portrait of your pet, or an amazing stand-alone piece of art, it is time now to take the first step in making it a reality. Use my custom request form to start the journey.

Your ideas, my expertise, and my ready to design inventory will make your new scrimshaw custom work of art happen!

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