Design Your Own-Customizable Pieces

Design your own- customizable pieces is where your search begins. I’ll supply the item, you supply the idea and together we make it happen. Your uniquely designed tailor-made scrimshaw piece is just a click away.

The items here, many of them one-off pieces to start with, are ready to be etched and made even more unique.  I do make suggestions with each item but my ideas are just that- mine. This is where you can explore YOUR ideas. If you know exactly what you want, great! Provide me with the photos. But if you cannot clearly picture what you want, we will discus the options and I’ll do the research and designing.

I am happy to work on your personal item, but recognize not everyone can provide me with a suitable canvas. Thru my knowledge and connections I have or can find (usually) just the right piece for you. These design-your-own objects are for that person who doesn’t have a suitable piece to be scrimshawed but does have an idea that they want brought to life.

From art pieces to knives, artifacts to jewelry, customize is my middle name.  I’ll be posting new and different items here, so come back often to see what gems I’ve found. Each one can be personalized -just for you.

My ability to listen carefully to each client’s wants and desires for their scrimshaw piece has led to my creating and delivering 100’s of pieces for satisfied customers (individuals and corporations). Check out my Gallery page for examples and ideas.

All the items on this page are priced as is, and they are for sale as you see them, with out any artwork applied. The custom artwork is additional. Pricing will depend on many factors. Size and material, area covered and difficulty of the design. Research time is also comes into play so the more explicit you can be, the better. I will give you preliminary sketches IF asked for, but these are an additional charge also.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, then let me design it for you. Whether it is a portrait of your pet, or an amazing stand-alone piece of art, it is time now to take the first step in making it a reality. Use my custom request form to start the journey.

Your ideas, my expertise and inventory – let’s make things happen!

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