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Arno Bernard Sable Knife


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This Sable knife is from the PH series by Arno Bernard Knives. The warthog ivory used to craft this handle is pristine with small matching enamel spots at the blade and rear of the handle. In contrast, the reverse side of the knife shows no enamel at all, just the clean, clear ivory. The larger belly of the 3 ¼” N690 blade would be handy out on safari. In addition, the slightly longer handle is very comfortable in hand.  Overall, this knife measures 7 3/8”.  Fitted with a custom pouch style sheath made of quality bovine leather, this knife is suitable for field use or to add to your collection.

Did you know that PH stands for professional hunter? A common initialism referring to the hunt guilds across Africa. I can easily imagine a PH carrying and using this knife. The superior materials used to craft this knife, and all of the Arno Bernard knives, makes them suitable for PH’s or everyday use. And the skill and artistry make them collectable.

This Arno Bernard Sable knife one is a real gem and I am eager to apply my artwork to it.  The name, style, or intended use of a knife is usually my guide as I choose designs to scrimshaw. For this magnificent knife I think an appropriate design would be a cheetah peering at a herd of impala that are not yet aware of her presence. But this ‘canvas’ for scrimshaw is available for your ideas. Fill out this request form and we’ll get started. Also check out my Gallery page for inspiration!

Scrimshaw artwork is additional and determined by the amount of coverage and design.


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Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2 in


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