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Buckeye Butterfly Feeding


This Buckeye butterfly is feeding on a butterfly bush. Scrimshawed on mammoth ivory and set in SS mounting with hand engraving.


This Buckeye butterfly is feeding on a purple butterfly bush. It’s wings are opened to reveal the intricate camouflage patterning and colors it boasts. The piece’s uniqueness is added to by the custom hand engraving on the sterling silver mounting. The engraving features flower corners which compliment the piece nicely. ‘Buckeye Butterfly’ is scrimshawed on a light colored, mammoth ivory, canvas which suits the bright flowers and bold wing patterns.

This pendent measures 1″ x 1 1/2″ in it’s sterling silver mounting. This piece comes complete with a 20″ sterling silver chain and a gift box.

To care for your scrimshaw I recommend you never wear a scrimshaw piece in swimming or the shower. Also, for genuine ivory pieces it is best not to leave it sitting in direct sunlight or exposed to the intense heat, like that of a vehicle in the summer.  Ivory is a natural material and deserves to be cherished.  I use the most permanent inks available for my artwork and I have applied several layers of Renaissance wax to preserve the colors. The pieces made using black acrylic have a durable resin coating.  Each hand etched piece comes ready to wrap in a gift box.

Note: The Mammoth ivory in this pendant was found in Russia and came to the US by way of China. Russian mammoth ivory is some of the finest in the world. Estimates place mammoth ivory around 10,000 years old. Mammoth ivory is legal to import, export, and sell in most of the United States except for a few states. Therefore, I will not sell or ship this item to HI, NV, IL, CA, NY, NJ, NH, VT, or DC.

A refund will be issued if the shipping or credit card address is any of these states.


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