• garnet and ivory pendant
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  • garnet and ivory pendant
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Garnet and Ivory Pendant


Sterling silver, garnet and ivory pendant in concentric circles.

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Circular Ivory medallion in concentric sterling circles crowned with a deep red garnet gem.

This Garnet and Ivory pendant has a mammoth ivory medallion set in decorative sterling silver with a floating silver orbit. Directly above this, is a blood red garnet, shining like the evening sun.

The mammoth ivory has been recovered from the tundra of Asia. Mammoth ivory varies in color depending on the minerals the ivory has been exposed to over time.  This changes the color but not entirely – you can still see the distinctive rings and cross hatching that is an exclusive mark of ivory.

This pendant is 7/8″ x 1 5/8” with a sterling silver bail and matching 20” chain packaged in a gift box.

Note: The Mammoth ivory in this pendant was found in Russia and came to the US by way of China. Russian mammoth ivory is some of the finest in the world. Estimates on the age of mammoth ivory is around 10,000 years old. Mammoth ivory is legal to import and export and sell in most US states except for a few states, therefore I will not sell or ship this item to HI, NV, IL, CA, NY, NJ, NH, VT, or DC.

A refund will be issued if the shipping or credit card address is any of these states.

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Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 1 in


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