• imitation ivory bolo tie
  • Bullet casing bolo tips

Knife Bolo-Savorite Handle




This is a real showstopper knife bolo tie. The herringbone pattern of the Saivorite material used for the handle of this string tie is the highest quality imitation ivory made and it is sure to fool most people. The varied grain pattern looks remarkably similar to the Schreger lines seen in genuine ivory and makes this a great versatile accessory, but …Savorite is an exemplary scrimshaw canvas.

The knife blade itself is stainless steel, with a smooth blade bevel without a sharp edge, thus not a functional knife and eliminating possible cutting accidents. The 6-ply leather cord is a luxurious 42” in length, which is long enough to be appropriate for a big or tall person. The stainless steel tension bolo back allows for ease in sliding the bolo up and down and adjusting securely for a comfortable fit.

This bolo has not been fitted with tips yet and you will have your choice- bullet casings (as seen on the other bolo ties), deer antler tips, or shotgun shells that I have made special – exclusively for my scrimshawed bolos.

So what can be etched on this bolo? What ever you want! From a proud buck head to your favorite hunting dog, or how about an African animal, an elephant perhaps? For examples of the scope of my ability the Gallery page is the place to start. You know what you want? Then order the bolo with the tips of your choice and fill out this form with the details.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Custom work

minimum deposit


bullet casing tips, deer antler tips, shotgun shell tips


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