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Mule Deer Scrimshawed on DMP Custom Made Knife


Scrimshawed deer on a handmade knife with an antler knife handle

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This DMP handmade knife has Mule Deer scrimshawed on a deer antler handle. Etched in color, a buck mule deer , who is shown ‘flehming’ , is in rut as a doe grazes quietly in the background. The makers’ mark – DMP (David Mark Palmer*) – is clearly stamped on the blade with his typical “Spanish notch”. The file work along the top edge of the spine adds nice detailing. This full tang carbon steel knife blade has been hammered and heat treated to give this 4” blade a rustic patina.

The blade, handle material and scrimshaw deer, fit together in the rough and ready style of this DMP custom knife. This distinctive hunting knife comes complete with a handmade leather sheath to fit on any belt for ease of carrying. How would you like a name, initials or another scene on the reverse side? Contact me here, or give me a call!

*Marv Palmer & David Mark Palmer (Michigan) Custom Handmade Knives. Marv Palmer is from Hemlock Michigan and made knives for 18-20 years using the Tang Stamp MP. In July of 1999 Marv retired from knife making & David Mark Palmer (Marv’s Son) took over the business. The stamp changed in 1999 to DMP. This Knife was made by David Mark Palmer.


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