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I am delighted that everyone who owns my scrimshaw  “objets d’art ”   knows they have obtained a  truly unique item, worthy of the most discerning wildlife enthusiast!

~Sandra Brady
 Scrimshaw Artist



Sandra Brady Scrimshaw Artist
Before I created Sandra Brady Art, scrimshaw was an obscure art form, etched by old salts, Eskimos and occasionally a real artist. An art form that was from long ago and far, far away. My dream was to bring a contemporary look to this ancient art and make it more mainstream.
I was concerned that I was a single hand clapping, and no one else would appreciate the unique properties that make up my scrimshaw artwork.

But …

As my skills improved requests for custom etchings increased. What started out as black and white animal etchings on ivory or bone jewelry soon expanded to full color art of varied themes on customer supplied canvases, i.e. handmade ivory handled knives, stag and horn gun grips and one-of-a-kind custom-made pool cues.

Over the years …

it hasn’t been all smooth sailing (a little sailor lingo, lol). Custom work has been the cornerstone of my business, but there is only one of me. I have tried hiring and training others, with only minimal success. Scrimshaw Images has become my answer to not only reproduce my art many times, but also to make it more affordable and mainstream to the average person looking for a unique expression of their love of wildlife.

More recently,…

it has become extremely difficult navigating the ivory laws nationally and worldwide. But thru a study of the laws and knowledge of materials, man-mades are being utilized with great success.

While I cannot ask …

for a finer canvas to work on than genuine ivory, most of my newer items are utilizing the ever-expanding man made materials. I try always to be clear in every description what the canvas material is.

Through it all, the response has been enthusiastic and supportive from everyone who sees my products.

The best part?

All my clients are and continue to be an endless source of inspiration!


Awards and Publications

July 2021
  • Interview -The largest internet knife store in Russia, Rezat.ru. You need to use something like google translator to read it.  
  • June 2021- 2009,   Life happened and I just forgot to write things down….So sorry. I’ll update this soon, I promise!


  • Cover of The Blade Magazine and feature article “Mother Knows Best”
  • Ohio Gun Collectors Assocation (OGCA) used my scrimshaw work for their advertising for 2009 through 2011.
  • Best Color-Nautical category at Scrimshaw International Competition in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Cover of Billiard Encyclopedia, 3rd publication, by Victor Stein and Paul Rubino.
  • Scrimshaw Techniques book by Jim Stevens
  • Invited guest artist for the National Arts Club in association with Blatt Billiards Art Exhibit. “The Artistic Advances in Billiard Art”.
  • Art of the Knife book by Joe Kertzman
  • Profiled in OGCA, March 2006 publication.
  • Best in Show-Collaboration, Wolverine Knife Collectors Show
  • Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition. Featured article on “The Hustler” cue.
  • Modern Scrimshaw book by Eva Halat. (Also was in 2003 Edition.)
  • The Art and Craft of South Carolina Knifemakers, Nov.18-June 11, 2006
    South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, S. Carolina. Exhibited work and was the invited guest speaker on opening day for that event.
  • The Hustler Pool Cue sold at auction for $30,000.00. Proceeds benefited “The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” for terminally ill children.
  • Professional Knifemakers Association. Best collaboration award shared with Don Hethcoat.
  • Place, Mystic Scrimshanders National Scrimshaw Competition.
  • “World” mag. (Japan)
  • Invited guest artist at the American Custom Gun Makers Guild Show
  • Knife World magazine
  • “ Knife” mag. (Japan)
  • Badger knife club Judges Award.
  • Award of excellence, Sauder Village Archbold, OH.
  • Invited to and exhibited at Seki City Knife show, Seki City, Japan. Work purchased Seki Knife Museum.
  • Cover of Knives Illustrated
  • Gun Journal
  • The Blade Magazine.
  • Lecture speaker at the Blade Show International Cutlery Show
  • Best of Show, Scrimshaw Wolverine Knife Collectors.
  • Best of Show North Carolina Wildlife and Sportsman Show.
    • Best of Show, Scrimshaw Wolverine Knife Collectors.
    • Feature article National Knife Magazine
    • Best of Show, Scrimshaw North Carolina Wildlife and Sportsman Show
    • “The Bear” knife presented to Gen. Norman Swartzkopf. Safari Club International, Las Vegas Nv.
    • Judges Award, Wolverine Knife Collectors
    • Judges Award, Wolverine Knife Collectors