Arno Bernard Knives

Arno Bernard Knives company is owned by a South African family. Together the father and 4 sons have become legendary for high performance hunting, field and everyday carry knives. Because they use premium N690 steel and craft the blades to the highest standards, these knives will withstand the toughest conditions. Bernard knives cut like a razor and hold their edge remarkably well. Whether you are doing camp chores or cutting your steak for dinner, these knives are perfect! They are versatile enough to go wherever your adventures take you.
I chose these knives especially for the beauty of the wart hog handle material. Its exceptional qualities lend themselves well to scrimshaw. But the beauty doesn’t stop there – each knife includes a finely crafted bovine leather sheath.

For proper care of your Arno Bernard knives, check out this article written by the maker himself!

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