Scrimshaw Gallery

Unique and one-of-a-kind - Etched in years past

    Some of these pieces were custom orders, many were collaboratives. Some I made for inventory and some just because I wanted too!

If you like what you see and would like to discuss something similar or the possibility of your ideas brought to life , fill out the custom request form.

The American inspired theme on this pool cue, beautifully custom built by Harold, is based on ideas from the collector. Look carefully and you will see in the details the history of our experience of the 1960’s. Depicted in the lower section are colorful scenes from the Vietnam war where the owner of this cue served. While the soldier depicted is not him, the uniform and insignias honor his service. Directly above this section is another iconic time in the 1960’s. Do you remember the marvelously decorated VW buses, the flower children, and of course Janis Joplin singing? These images are a vivid reminder of the peace movement, and the antiwar feeling that permeated much of the younger culture. The uppermost section colorfully features the space race, moon landing, and of course the historic ‘first step’. Even Sputnik makes and an appearance here.

Celtic Dragons

Custom hand made pool cue made by Harold Queen. Pink Ivory wood with Lapis inlays

This Celtic designed pool cue, exquisitely created by Harold, depicts winged dragons and Celtic knots. The dragons represent power and royalty and each Celtic knot is one continuous line symbolizing how life and eternity are interconnected. The colors in the dragons echo the colors of the wood and Lapis Lazuli inlays. 

I am from Irish decent and have always been fascinated with Celtic lore. The Celts believed that dragons were snakelike and did not have wings. By portraying these creatures with wings, I illustrate the link between the sky and land – mortality and eternity.