Scrimshaw DVDs and Supplies

The step-by-step scrimshaw DVDs and supplies provide everything you need to improve your skills or learn new techniques. My techniques will help you even if you’ve never picked up a scribe before. Within the DVDs you will find numerous trade tips that I have acquired over my 35 years making custom scrimshaw works of art.

These profession supplies are my tools of the trade that I use every day in my scrimshaw business. Student beginning kits and trial size inks are priced to make it easy for you to get started. I searched and found the highest quality materials, purchased in bulk. This allows me to offer you the best prices on professional supplies.

Whether you are new to scrimshaw or already a proficient artist, take a look at the variety of  Scrimshaw DVDs and Supplies offered here. If you cannot find something you need – contact me!

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