• Colorful tiger etched on custom knife
  • Signature of artist
  • peeking thru the leaves, tiger looking
  • protective gift tubes
  • reverse side of Prowling tiger patch knife

Stalking Tiger on Buffalo Patch knife


Stalking tiger scrimshawed on a custom Buffalo Patch knife. Bold contrast and colors reveal a very life-like depiction of this big cat on the prowl.

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This stalking tiger is creeping through the forest with intent eyes. His majestic face is partially obscured by leaves as he lies in wait for his prey. The contrast in this piece adds to the image and emotion behind this life-like artwork.

This knife is custom made by Airedale Custom Blades. It features a 3 1/4″ hammered blade. The water buffalo horn handle and brass guard bring this Buffalo Patch knife to a total of 6 3/4″. The combination of this custom knife and brilliant artwork makes this an excellent addition to any collection.

This custom made, custom scrimshawed knife is packaged in a protective heavy cardboard tube and comes with the original paperwork provided by the maker.


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