• Beautiful etched woman on a buffalo handled custom made patch knife.
  • protective gift tubes
  • reverse side of Prowling tiger patch knife

Elegant Oriental Woman with a Dragon Tattoo


Elegant woman with a dragon tattoo on a custom hand made knife. Water buffalo horn handle, brass guard and hammered blade made by Airedale Custom knives.



This artwork shows the Elegant Oriental Woman with a Dragon Tattoo surrounded by cherry blossoms. Her hair is in a beautiful updo and she is wearing a strapless dress with long gloves. Scrolled down her back is an artful tattoo of a dragon. This eye-catching piece is made even more unique due to it’s custom canvas.

This gorgeous canvas was made by Airedale Custom Knives. This is a Buffalo patch knife with a brass guard and water buffalo horn handle also boasts a hammered blade which adds even more beauty to this one-of-a-kind knife. The blade on this knife is 3 1/4″ giving the knife a total length of 6 3/4″  ‘Elegant Woman with tattoo” is an enchanting piece of artwork perfect for the most discerning customer.


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