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“Jackal” Style Hunter


This Jackal style hunter knife is made by the original Arno Bernard himself. A very white warthog ivory handle adds to the overall clean look, but also makes a perfect canvas for some custom scrimshaw artwork.

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This Jackal Style hunter by Arno Bernard is made with natural wart hog tooth ivory. Please note the logo is that of the father not the AB company logo used by the sons.

Wart hog ivory in general is one of the more white ivories available, and this knife shows that to perfection.  Its size can be a limiting factor, but they grow them large in Africa! You can see the lovely but very subtle color variations between the cementum enamel and the more ivory colored dentine.

A hand rubbed satin finish has been applied to the 3½” N690 blade. The full tang on this blade brings the overall length to 7” making it a perfect size for an all-around knife.  The bovine leather sheath, is equal in quality to the knife. Together this make for an exceptionally built and finely finished set – one I will be proud to apply my artwork to.

Of course, you can purchase and enjoy this knife as-is. However, if you are thinking about custom artwork you should consider something extra-ordinary for this knife. Do you find a colorful toucan playing in the treetops appealing? Or based on the clear canvas of the ivory, I would suggest a full color leopard with intense eyes staring back at you.  These are just some of my ideas, maybe you have some of you own? Contact me today and we can discuss it. Check out my Gallery page for inspiration!

Scrimshaw artwork is additional and determined by the amount of coverage and design.

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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in


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