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The Whole Kit-N-Caboodle


The best of everything for the budding scrimshaw artist. Whether black and white or color you’ll be prepared to take your artwork to the next level.

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The whole Kit-N-Caboodle
* Beginning Scrimshaw DVD,
* Advancing To Color DVD
* 1 metal and aluminum scribe handle
* 1 PRE-SHARPENED heat-treated steel scribe point,
* 5 ml. bottle of black India ink,
* Color Ink set #2. Colors in this set are Sepia, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, Alizarin crimson, Indian Red, Permanent red, Hansa deep yellow, Yellow ochre, Cobalt blue, Payne’s grey, Sap green, and Viridian green. -the best set for wildlife colors.
* Clay,
* Set of three brushes
* Micron Pen.
* 65ml. Renaissance Wax
* The eagle design
* three original color photos I demo in the DVD, the duck, rose and leopard
* set of line transfers for the three projects.
* (1) 2×2 acrylic practice piece,
* (1) 2″ x 1 1/2″ white acrylic oval with a ready to scribe eagle design.
* PLUS an additional variety pack of 8 acrylic pieces


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