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Scribe Points


Sharp and extra sturdy.

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These hardened points are made specifically for scrimshaw engraving.  The hardened steel will hold both point and edge longer than unhardened steel and allows the user to cut a consistently sharp line. Unlike carbide points these are not brittle. They are easy to resharpen as needed – no diamond wheel is necessary.

The hand points are sharpened to the 20 degree and 8 facet style that I demonstrate in my Beginning Scrimshaw DVD. I find this point to be superior in holding an edge for the finer hand cuts, yet sturdy enough for hand stipple too. As one facet begins to dull, I simply turn my scribe to use the next sharp facet. This way I don’t have to resharpen as often as when I used a rounded, sharpened pencil style point.

The machine points have a different geometry- also sharpened in the style I teach in my Beginning Scrimshaw DVD.  They are and 8 faceted point sharpened at 15 degrees – perfect for use when you need a sturdier point, or with the engraving type power tools (for example the GRS graver max/Mach or the Pulsegraver). These points are not appropriate for a rotary style graver.

 The unsharpened points are also hardened steel, and ready for you to sharpen at any angles you desire. Whether you pattern yours the same as mine, or have a different preferred geometry, you will find these points are good steel that will hold up well for your artistic scrimshaw endeavors.

All points come as a set of 3.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × .063 × .5 in
Hardened Steel

Sharpened Points, Hand, Sharpened Points, Machine, Unsharpened Points


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