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  • Scrimshaw kit
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Beginning Basic Kit


Here are the basics to get you started. A sharp scribe, good ink, a practice plate and a pre-transferred design to etch.

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This is the perfect basic kit for the casual person who wants to give scrimshaw a try.  Scrimshaw is easy and fun!  Using the pre- sharpened scribe, etch the design into the material, ink it and wipe away the excess. It really is that simple!

There are no instructions in this kit. For step-by-step instructions on etching techniques, transferring designs, holding and sharpening your scribe point along with materials that can be scrimshawed,  the Beginning Scrimshaw DVD  is sold separately.

This basic kit includes:
*  metal scribe handle with 2 multi purpose collets for scribe points of various sizes
*  PRE-SHARPENED heat treated steel scribe point,
*  1/5 oz bottle of black student India ink,
*  2×2 acrylic practice piece,
*  2″ x 1 1/2″ white acrylic oval with a ready to scribe eagle design already transferred on.
* Printed Eagle design for detailing

And as a Special Bonus instructions on sharpening your scribe point by hand.

***This kit does not include instructions for use.

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Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × .75 in


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